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Dress Up Games


This game is very similar to Space Invaders but yet a bit different. Here you have no boulders to hide under. Very cool sound effects. A must for all Space Invaders fans!...
  Current Rating: 3
  By 2833 Users

Hexxagon happens to be one of those games that's easier to play than it is to explain. The game is very similar to Othello and it does not take too long to get it. Basically you have to own the board!...
  Current Rating: 4
  By 2781 Users

For the Tetris novice: shaped blocks fall into a pit where you must arrange them so they fit neatly a sort of juggling in one direction. The more blocks you can place into a horizontal line simultaneously, the more you score. ...
  Current Rating: 4
  By 11654 Users

Space Invaders 
Another REAL classic game. This must be one of the most popular space games of all time. And has been released in many different formats for various platforms. Shoot the enemy space craft and duck from their bullets....
  Current Rating: 4
  By 5937 Users

Pacman is a classic that is too good to leave out. Enjoy this classic arcade game that has been played by millions of people worldwide....
  Current Rating: 2
  By 30063 Users

Bomb Jack 
Bomb Jack is a classic game converted to Flash. Your mission is simple - collect the bombs and try to stay clear from the bad guys. But in reality, it is anything but a simple mission....
  Current Rating: 3
  By 7783 Users

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