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Pumpy Jumpy 
Your goal here is to put the ball into the ring. You may encounter some obstacles and enemies who will prevent you from achieving your goal....
  Current Rating: 4
  By 203 Users

Speed Jump 
Your goal is to drop the balls over the slope so that they go into the funnel. Hold left mouse button to drag and release the ball....
  Current Rating: 4
  By 623 Users

The Magic Carpet 
While flying with your magic carpet, you have collect precious stones to charge the carpet with magic power. You have reach the protal before the magic power finishes....
  Current Rating: 4
  By 474 Users

Feed The Pig 
Make sure to feed the pic properly so it gets it desired weight. For each level the assembly line of food will pass by more quickly and you have to be very quick so the pic doesn't starve....
  Current Rating: 4
  By 2096 Users

Green Hunter 
You are a frog and need to catch the insects to get energy. Be aware that jumps will take away a lot of your energy and if you miss the leaves, you will drown....
  Current Rating: 5
  By 656 Users

Red Tape Barriers 
You have to reach to top of the file cabinet. Watch out for the falling papers and drawers that open up. Some colored papers will help you out......
  Current Rating: 3
  By 1303 Users

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