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Torpedo Attack 
Sink as many hostile ships as you can but avoid shooting at the civilian ships. You need to hit the biggest ship twice and the smallest ship once....
  Current Rating: 5
  By 5451 Users

Steel Patrol 
Your mission is to patrol the border with your tank. Beware of enemy tanks and helicopters....
  Current Rating: 4
  By 775 Users

Test your sharp shooting skills by trying to aim and shoot the aces falling down from the hat. You either have to hit the red or black color....
  Current Rating: 4
  By 1625 Users

Under Attack 
Your mission is to defend the tank from aerial assaults and bring down the aircrafts. Avoid getting hit by the falling bombs. When ammo has finished, left-click to reload....
  Current Rating: 5
  By 2198 Users

Cowboy Bullet 
You are a Cowboy Bullet. As a bullet, you must try to hit as many coins as you can. Otherwise, your sharpshooting master will not be too happy....
  Current Rating: 3
  By 2170 Users

Wild Wild West 
This is a very funny game. Shoot the bandits and indians. Make sure not to shoot the civilians. Welcome to the Wild Wild West!...
  Current Rating: 3
  By 4855 Users

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 Shooting Games
 Wild Wild West (F)   Cowboy Bullet (F)   Under Attack (F) 
 SharpShooter (F)   Steel Patrol (F)   Torpedo Attack (F) 
 Flying Ace (F)   Defense of the Earth (F)   Pumpkin Shooting (F) 
 Stargate (F)   Castle Defense (F)   Invaders (F) 
 Rail of War (F)   Final Fortress (F)   Time Fighter (F) 
 Raiden X (F)   Force Abal2.07 (F)   Alien Hunter () 
 Alpha Force (F)   Americas Army ()   BattleField (F) 
 Carnival Shooter ()   Crazy Shooter (F)   Frogee (F) 
 PaintBall ()   Soak It ()   Western (F) 
 Neon 2 ()   Storm Winds Tower Defence ()   Flash Empires () 
 Wings 1915 ()   Alien Showdown ()   Crusader Tank (F) 
 Heli Strike ()   Sky Fire ()   Sky Warrior: Legacy of the Third Reich () 
 Smokin Barrels ()   Defend Your Dirt ()   The Abaddon Demon Shooter () 
 Robot Territories ()   Vantage Point: Split Second ()   Flash4X () 
 Damn Birds ()   Balloon Invasion ()   The Sniper () 
 Zenon Mega Blast ()   Rocket Man ()   Castle Keeper () 
 Nobuyuki Forces 3 ()   Tank 2008 (F)   Vinnies Shooting Yard 2 () 
 Boomstick ()   The Last Canopy (F)   Elite Corps Jungle (F) 
 Pistol Training ()   Dr Compactor  ()   Tank 2007  (F) 
 X-Hoc  (F)   Sniper Duty ()   Presidential Street Fight 2008 () 

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