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The lost Inca 
The game controls are a bit complicated, needlessly so. See the in-game instructions. ...
  Current Rating: 4
  By 216 Users

Use the arrow keys to move Magma, press the space bar to place a lava bomb. Find the hidden stones and return them to the pillars before time runs out. Don\'t let the baddies touch you or it\'s lights out. Enjoy this great Bomberman inspired game....
  Current Rating: 5
  By 363 Users

New Super Mario World 
Here\'s another great remake of the classic arcade game Super Mario World. Arrow keys=Move, A=Jump, S=Run, Space=Pause Game ...
  Current Rating: 5
  By 2686 Users

Tetrix7 is a flash game project of a tetris game with new 7 pieces. You always have to create horizontal lines of blocks without gaps. But now, with this addition of 7 new pieces, it\'s really harder ! Good luck with this other version of the all-time classic. ...
  Current Rating: 4
  By 93 Users

FlashXagon is an Othello clone puzzle flash game. Click on the piece that you want to move, the game will show the possibilities by delineating the adjacent free hexagons. It is time to think a strategy to conquer space. When the piece is moved to an adjacent hexagon, it will be duplicated. When it ...
  Current Rating: 5
  By 59 Users

FlashMin is a minesweeper flash game. It is a single player computer game. The aim of the game is to clear a minefield without detonating a mine. The most well-known version comes bundled with later versions of Microsoft Windows. ...
  Current Rating: 5
  By 42 Users

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